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Out first activity as a Muslim com-munity started around ten years ago when we began pray-ing Salat Al Jumu’ah at the hospital chapel. During Ramadan we would pray the Tarawih salat in the living rooms of local brother’s homes. From there we made arrangements to rent an apartment as a Musalah. We then arranged to have Hafiz come to lead the Taraweyah salat. We prayed in that apartment for about two years. When that apartment no longer met our needs we began renting  Musalah at Spruce St. After continuing few years at Spruce st, we bought the current place at 11 N Pearl St. Our community has grown in size consistently over the last few years, and is expected to grow even larger due to a new regional hospital being built here. Currently we are offering free Islamic lessons for kids on every Friday evening. Inshallah, we can start to offer more classes, events, and services.

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