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Please feel free to download the following products.

No. Product Name Size Download
01 The Quran Software 1.96 MB Click Here
02 The Hadith Software Version 1.0 2.1 MB Click Here
03 The Athan Software Version 1.0 2.1 MB Click Here
04 DailyPrayers (for Java enabled mobiles) 80 KB Click Here

The Hadith Software Plug-in Databases.

No. Database Name Size Date Download
01 Sahih Bukhari 1.6 MB 09/03/2002 Click Here
02 Sahih Muslim 1.4 MB 09/03/2002 Click Here
03 Imam Malik�s al-Muwatta 0.8 MB 21/03/2002 Click Here
04 Fiqh-us-Sunnah 0.8 MB 25/07/2002 Click Here
05 Al-Tirmidhi 0.5 MB 11/11/2002 Click Here
06 Abu Dawud 0.7 MB 02/01/2003 Click Here
07 Extras 0.3 MB 15/05/2002 Click Here

Some more to the list ~

Title Description Contributed By
Qibla Calculate the direction of Mecca from anywhere, given its latitude and longitude Dr. Yaser Abu-Mostafa
Irth Calculate inheritance shares of eligible heirs according to Islamic law of “Fara’idh” Dr. Ayman Abu-Mostafa
Hijri Dates Calculate Hijri dates from Gregorian dates and vice versa Dr. Ayman Abu-Mostafa
PrayTimer Calculate prayer times for any location, given its latitude and longitude Br. Kamal Abdali
Zakah Calculate amount of Zaka-tul-Mal due on your money Dr. Munzir Kahf

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