Shirk khafi by Hafiz Mohsin



Asalamalaikum, Alhamdulillah the community in Augusta has a new mosque, we recently bought a church and inshallah starting fri nov 7th we’ll be praying at the new location which is 11 North Pearl St,Augusta,ME,04330.

After Ramadan?????

The purpose of this month

Mikaeel Ahmad – Fearing Allah

Fearing Allah

Mikaeel Ahmad – Turning Back to Allah

Turning back to Allah

Mikaeel Ahmad – Guidelines for Humanity

Guidelines for humanity

Mikaeel Ahmad – The Standard for Success in Islam

The standard for success

Mikaeel Ahmad: Can there be doubt About Allah

Remembering the next world

Mikaeel Ahmad- Way of calling to Allah

Way of calling to Allah

Mikaeel Ahmad: Hijab

Importance of hijab