Mikaeel Ahmad – 16th night of Taraweeh

A short discussion about the calamities that occur around us

Results of our deeds

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MIkaeel Ahmad – 15th night Taraweeh

Qualities of the servants of Ar-Rahmaan

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Mikaeel Ahmad Smith 14th night after taraweeh talk

Attributes of true believers

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Mikaeel Ahmad: 13th night of Ramadan

Looking at those who have less.

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Protecting our families


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Mikaeel Ahmad: Some words on Surah Isra

12th night of taraweeh

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Mikaeel Smith:Imaan and Disbelief

11th night of taraweeh. Talk regarding Iman and ungratefulness

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Mikaeel Ahmad Smith

After ramadan talk regarding some of the ayat recited today

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Mosque Fundraiser

In the name of Allah, most gracious, most merciful

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam:

The Islamic Society of Greater Augusta is comprised of a small group of Muslims here in the central Maine area. We are a diverse group of people representing over ten countries. As a result of our size we are a close knit community which makes us a unified group. We have been an organized group for about six years now, but have just recently applied and been approved for 501(c)(3) non-profit status by the IRS. You can verify our status at: http://www.irs.gov/app/pub-78/ T.I.N.#30-0579592

We are currently renting an office space in central Augusta for a Musalah.Our doors are open for the five salat including Jumu�ah.
For the past four years we have brought in Hofadz to lead the Taraweeyah salat during Ramadan. We also have regular Halakas, guest lecturers,
and Eid and Iftar dinners. Our children�s Arabic classes will resume as soon as we can find a new teacher.Our community has steadily grown over the last few years and is expected to continue to grow. We are beginning to outgrow our current Musalah and need to expand. By the grace of Allah, we have been blessed with the opportunity of purchasing the building pictured above, al hamdol Illah ! The building we are trying to purchase was used as a church for over fifty years. This building and the parking lot meet our growing needs. It has been inspected and needs no changes to conform with local or state codes. After purchasing a building our long term plans include hiring an Imam, offering more classes to both children and adults, providing marriage and funeral services, and much more.
We are asking for your support to help us achieve the noble goal of establishing a Masjid. You can make a contribution by mailing your donation to the address listed above. You can either contribute by Paypal, check, money order, bank to bank transfer, or online bill pay trough your local bank. We thank you, and may Allah bless you for your generous support.
Salam alaykum wa rahamtu Illahi wa barakatu.

Bank of America, 38 Bangor St. Augusta, ME 04330
Account Number: 458 001 589 907
Routing Number: 001 200 365
Wire Transfer: 026 009 593
OR through your Paypal account or at GOISGA.ORG

Jazak Allah Khair !

If you have any questions or would like to talk to us , please contact

Click here to download our poster and Print Click here to download our poster and Print

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Mosque Project – Donations

Asalam alaykum brothers and sisters,

It has been just over two months since our first fundraising dinner.� We have started going out to other communities and asking for their help.� Last month we went to Portland, Bangor and Lewiston.� From those communities we have raised over $6,000, al hamdol Illah,� May Allah reward them for their help, insha Allah.� This month we plan to go to Massachusetts for some fundraising and we could use your help and support.� We will let you know the details as we get them.� We will likely be having another fundraising dinner just after Eid Al Adha, insha Allah.�

To date we have a total of checks and pledges of around $64,000, Al hamdol Illah.� So far we have received over $52,000, al hamdol Illah��� We need to get around $80,000 in the bank before we can start negotiating on the price.� With some hard work and help from everyone we should be able to raise that in just a few months.�� If you have not made any contributions so far we encourage you to not hesitate any longer.� We do not want to take the chance of having someone else buy this building before us.� Please speak with your friends and relatives around the U.S. and see if they can help in some way.� Please make checks payable to the Islamic Society of Greater Augusta and mail it to 12 Spruce St, Suite # 6 Augusta, ME 04330.

For you convenience our Treasurer, �has set up a Paypal account so you can contribute by making an online credit card payment or a bank transfer to our Paypal account.� Just click the link below or copy/paste it into the address line above.

The email linked to our PayPal account is [email protected]

Jazak Allah khair

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